Meet the Coaches...


The club is fortunate enough to have many experienced and dedicated instructors, which helps maintain a high teacher to student ratio.  



Club Instructors 




The clubs chief instructor, Nick Smith holds the rank of 7th Dan. 


 The positions he has held:


• Chief Instructor Kenshukai Wado-ryu Karate-do

• Chief Instructor Burnham & Highbridge Karate Club

• British Karate Federation Referee

• England Referee

• England Judge

• Chairman Western Karate Union

• Chief Referee Western Karate Union

• Executive member Higashi Karate Kai

• Referee Co-ordinator Higashi Karate Kai

• General Secretary English Karate Association




Other instructors include:


Derek Osborn (5th Dan) Jason Tanner (4th Dan) and Matthew Smith (3rd Dan)


Nick has students not only in England, but in Germany and India. He regularly travels to the Rheindahlen Karate Club situated at the largest MoD base in Europe to teach and grade.