Event News and forthcoming dates for the diary


Sessions are every Wednesday evening 7-8pm (Juniors) and 8-9pm (Adults) and Sunday Morning 10-11am (Juniors) and 11-12noon (Adults)


Sunday 30th September will see the last of the Summer Grading Sessions.  For photographs of all those who passed their grades, please visit our Gallery Page.


Well done to the three new 9th Kyu Students, who took part in the last of the Club's summer grading sessions and all passed.  There will be another grading in one months time for those who were away or unable to attend.  Photos of all successful students will be posted shortly.  


26th August, we will be observing a one minute silence to pay our respects to Dylan Cecil at 10.00.


NOTE:  There will be NO training session this coming Wednesday 1st August 2012 due to the Annual cleaning of the School Gym.  Training will resume as normal on Sunday 5th August.



29th July 2012 - Grading Success.



Junior smiles all round - well done!



Adult Club members, with their new belts and certificates.



Well done Josh!


Well done to the three students, who studied and trained hard to earn their red belts at the latest grading session, on 24th June 2012.  Congratulations to you all!  


The Club are hoping to take part in the Jubilee Celebrations over the Bank Holiday weekend, in both the Youth Parade from Apex Park to the World Record Sandcastle attempt on the beach, on Saturday 2nd June and then the Family Fun Day on Monday 4th June, at Burnham Road Playing Fields, Cassis Close, where we will be putting on a display at 1.00. As soon as we have more on these, we will let you know.  


Visit our 'Links' page for some videos from the Jubilee event.



Josh Proctor 4th Kyu, also had a reason to celebrate, when he competed and took 3rd place in the Boys Kumite at the WKU Invitational Competition, at Hutton Moor Sports Centre, Weston Super Mare, on 6th May.  Well Done Josh.



Well done to the four junior students, who successfully graded at the weekend to achieve their Red belt status and received their certificates to prove it!  Congratulations to you all.


Congratulations, another Junior Grading success!



It was smiles all round this Sunday 22nd April, as the 13 Juniors and 5 adults who took part in the Grading session all passed and rightfully earned their new grades and belts.  Well done to you all!



Upcoming Grading Date!


 The date for the grading has just been announced as 22nd April 2012.

 Make sure to have your attendence sheet, licence with photograph and grading fee where applicable.  Be sure to wear a clean, pressed gi, and most importantly, be punctual.  

 Good luck!


Please note that there will be normal training as usual on this day for both Junior and Adult sessions.




We raised a total of £145.50 for our Sports Relief 2012 fundraising event. This was taken in donations, a 'guess the square' David Walliams competition and a sponsored silence by one of the mums (Trina Proctor) who was unable to take part in the Karate but still wanted to help raise the money.


Club founder, Nick Smith took the bunch of very apprehensive parents through a beginners session with basic kicks and punches, together with some 'crafty' but very useful self defence tips. It was great to see so many people put on such a show of support for the club and the charity.


As you can see from the photos, people were still smiling at the end of the hour - well done to everyone involved!




Grading news:

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading on 11th December. 


18 juniors and 3 seniors passed, which is a great achievement.



Well done to you all!



End of year prize giving event:

The end of year prize-giving will be straight after training on Sunday 18th December

at the normal training place.


Competition News:

Becky and Josh Proctor competed in the WKU open competition on 4th December 2011.  Both competed in fighting with 12 year old brown belt Becky coming first and 8 year old purple belt Josh third in their individual categories.  Both fought really well and with the win Josh has in his previous competition, makes this a very successful time for the club.  Matt Smith, their coach is delighted with the results. 


Well done to them both!






Matthew Smith achieves 4th Dan Black Belt:


Matthew Smith with his 4th Dan award - Well done!!

On one of the hottest days of the year 25 year old Matthew Smith of the Burnham & Highbridge Karate Club took the test for his 4th Dan Black Belt in front of a panel of 7th Dan Black Belts at the King Alfred Sports Centre in Highbridge.


The exam consisted of a Theory Paper which he passed with 99% mark followed by a physical grading of his skills in the martial art of Wado-ryu Karate. The perspiration and intense training paid off because he passed with flying colours.


Many thanks go to Andy Constance 1st Dan Black Belt who assisted Matt in his grading and admirably took some punishment!

Matt has been training since he was 5 years old and has had to wait until he reached his 25th birthday to be eligible to attempt the high grade. During his karate career he has competed at National and International events in the British Isles and was offered the opportunity to compete in Japan.


The Burnham & Highbridge Karate Club train at the King Alfred Sports Centre and anyone interested in joining the longest established martial arts club in the area can contact Nick Smith 7th Dan on 07971 679455 for more details.




Nick Smith attended the Rheindahlen Karate Club in Germany recently.  Here are a few photos from his trip:






Grading News...

The Club were celebrating on Sunday 24th July when many of the Club members went though their grading exams. Nick Smith, 7th Dan and Chief Instructor, said “it was great to see so many Juniors pass in one day”. One adult, Joe, who attended, passed the same level as his son, Josh. 



Juniors who passed their grading - 24th July 2011






9th Kyu: Liam Rosser; Holly Russam; Isabella Di Mascio; Chloe Lainton; Lorna Curtis;

 7th Kyu: Nikola Fabicka; Samuel Clarke

6th Kyu: Lauren Bird; Sunnie Burrows; Jack Keates; Sam Smith

5th Kyu: Milly Smith

4th Kyu: Josh Proctor


Members graded 24th July 2011


3rd Kyu: Rebecca Proctor; Sam Constance; Georgia Pope

4th Kyu: Joe Proctor (Adult) 



The Club recently attended the Brent Knoll Village Fete and entertained the crowd with a karate demo of their skills. More photos are in the gallery.



Demo at Brent Knoll Village Fete