Dojo Rules


1.  A clean white pressed Karate-gi with a badge must be worn. (*)

2.  No jewellery whatsoever to be worn.

3.  Fingernails and toenails to be clean and short.  Personal hygiene is very important.

4.  Train properly and assist other Karate-ka if needed.

5.  Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo.

6.  No eating, drinking, smoking, swearing or chewing in the Dojo when in use.  Mobile phones must be switched off.

7.  Punctuality is essential and expected at all times.

8.  Respect of the highest order is essential to all Instructors.

9.  Instructors are to be addressed as Sensei.

10.  Visitors are welcome as long as they observe the above rules where applicable. 



(*)  All beginners should wear comfortable clothes. Gi hire is available, upon request.