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Football Betting Tipsters is a software program written by Daniel Soulsby. Let’s find out more about the man behind the system.

Daniel is one of us, someone who likes to have a football bet in the week or definitely at the weekend. He went down the same road as most of us, spending money and always losing! You know how it is, one team letting you down every week, how annoying! Daniel decided to try and combat this and spent fortunes on books, systems and software and none worked! His friends used to laugh at him and told him to give it up, we’ve all heard that before!

Daniel then had a change of luck, which is ultimately the reason for the Football Betting Tipsters system. He landed a job at one of the UK newest bookmakers, try to figure out which one. He discovered whilst working for the bookmaker that the people high up in the company constantly worry about the professional punter and seek ways to stop them, but they can’t! Instead they now monitor the bets, which is why prices on horses, football teams etc get their price shortened considerably before the event starts. Daniel started to monitor this too and kept an eye on the bets the professionals were placing and after weeks and months he had cracked it!

Daniel went on to paper trial the bets from the system he had found and the results were incredible and he couldn’t wait to put his actual money down to see the results in ‘real life’. He soon did this with amazing results, he went from struggling to live and hoping the car would start on a cold January morning to moving into a new flat and holidaying in Hawaii, and he still had more money than he knew what to do with!

Daniel is now financially secure and proves it with bank statements and personal betting accounts.

Sports Betting Strategy Features

Betting sites as Winner sports great money-winning possibilities. Large fortunes are made on high stakes with high-rated odds. At the same time, the opposite is true. It is required to keep to certain sports betting strategy in order to preserve chances for successful betting with constant winning and no significant losses. In fact, the whole nature of betting process mainly relies on chance and depends on good luck, though it must be admitted that bets on sports are the most reliable of overall betting facilities due to the fact that sports results are comparatively predictable.

A soccer betting strategy is based on the profound knowledge of the game. Soccer connoisseurs account on the teams’ FIFA rating, their previous match results, motivation (explained by tournament position) etc. Before betting, one usually keeps record of recent soccer events, such as players’ traumas or disqualifications; possible changing of the coach; the number of championships (home or abroad) played by the team (to account on weariness) and other factors that can strongly affect the outcome. A horse betting strategy includes a comprehensive analysis of horse market (horses’ readiness to race at a particular time), racetracks (here the bettors are recommended to find out if the track is familiar to the horse or not); jockeys (quality analysis of the jockey appointed to the horse) and a number of other important factors that influence the result.

Thus the sports betting strategy has been raised to higher quality level than other betting games with vague strategic lines that mostly rely on chance (e.g. crap betting strategy).